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May 28, 2012 / Steven Pousty

On crying watching a campaign commercial

Seriously – I know he is not perfect, but any liberal minded individual who gripes about him needs to get a frickin grip on reality. Think about what the 8 years before him were like – think if things like this would happen under Romney. We may not have our entire cake but I am getting a lot more dessert than I have gotten in a long time.

The time has come to close ranks and push it forward. So he may not be completely right with the TSA or internet rights or a bunch of other things but more so than Clinton even, he has done the most that I have ever agreed with in a President.

We lost the house and made life more difficult for him to carry forth his agenda. Rather than griping in public about some of the things he does now let’s instead push to win back the house. In American politics, for the foreseeable future it is a zero-sum game. Not voting or voting for a “protest candidate” when this much is on the line will push us back.

It is time to step up…


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  1. A. Rivera / May 28 2012 11:50 am

    Me likes

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