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October 7, 2012 / Steven Pousty

It’s Hoshanah Rabbah – time to plea and celebrate

So today is the Jewish holiday of Hoshanah RabbahHoshanah means a plea – and in this case we are asking that all the great tragedies that could happen to us don’t happen and for a good year ahead. Since we were an agricultural people in a land of seasonal rainfall – we also ask for abundant rain. I am not sure if the original context is like a rain dance – thought to bring the rains – or it is a just a way of recognizing how much is out of our contol, especially life giving water.

Part of the ceremony is also beating willow branches until the leaves come off – the willow is chosen because it is such a water dependent tree. I went down the street this morning and cut about 2-300 willow branches so the adults at morning minyan and all children at religious school could have a chance to “beat the willow”. It was certainly a lot of fun. The added bonus for me was getting to hear California quail calling while I was cutting willow.

To recognize the importance of water in our lives I am giving $36 (double chai) to There are plenty of water organizations out there but I chose this one based up on its focus on all continents and a great Charity Navigator score. If you are Jewish why not think about giving some today (remember Tzedakah, Teshuvah, and Tefillah are all you really need [Justice, repentance, and prayer]). If you are not Jewish why not go ahead and give anyway. Pick an org that works to bring clean water to people or maybe works to keep our rivers and streams clean or maybe even the oceans protected.

Have a great Sunday and to my Jewish Readers – Chag Sameach, happy holidays!!


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