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May 28, 2012 / Steven Pousty

Again, thanks to all, but for me thanks to my Uncle

I wrote about my Uncle Aaron before, but it has been 5 years. I think I need to once again remind myself and other what my Uncle gave for his country and what others choose to do for our country. Whether you agree with the wars, wars in general, or violence – that is not the point of the day. The point of the day is these people have chosen to put themselves in harms way when asked (yes you could dodge the draft). They placed the calling of something else, for whatever reason, above their own personal well being. Many came home fine, but many will bear scars for their lifetime, and many did not come home at all.

So while many of us do our typical American style celebration by going out and spending money on sale items (it wouldn’t be a holiday if it wasn’t a chance to spend money on material goods) – let’s at least try to take a few minutes (or even seconds) to think of those who served.

Thanks Uncle Aaron – there are at least two young men named in your honor, who carry on your love of art and of being kind and caring.

Baruch dayan emet – Blessed is the one true Judge


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