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May 28, 2012 / Steven Pousty

Again, thanks to all, but for me thanks to my Uncle

I wrote about my Uncle Aaron before, but it has been 5 years. I think I need to once again remind myself and other what my Uncle gave for his country and what others choose to do for our country. Whether you agree with the wars, wars in general, or violence – that is not the point of the day. The point of the day is these people have chosen to put themselves in harms way when asked (yes you could dodge the draft). They placed the calling of something else, for whatever reason, above their own personal well being. Many came home fine, but many will bear scars for their lifetime, and many did not come home at all.

So while many of us do our typical American style celebration by going out and spending money on sale items (it wouldn’t be a holiday if it wasn’t a chance to spend money on material goods) – let’s at least try to take a few minutes (or even seconds) to think of those who served.

Thanks Uncle Aaron – there are at least two young men named in your honor, who carry on your love of art and of being kind and caring.

Baruch dayan emet – Blessed is the one true Judge

May 28, 2012 / Steven Pousty

On crying watching a campaign commercial

Seriously – I know he is not perfect, but any liberal minded individual who gripes about him needs to get a frickin grip on reality. Think about what the 8 years before him were like – think if things like this would happen under Romney. We may not have our entire cake but I am getting a lot more dessert than I have gotten in a long time.

The time has come to close ranks and push it forward. So he may not be completely right with the TSA or internet rights or a bunch of other things but more so than Clinton even, he has done the most that I have ever agreed with in a President.

We lost the house and made life more difficult for him to carry forth his agenda. Rather than griping in public about some of the things he does now let’s instead push to win back the house. In American politics, for the foreseeable future it is a zero-sum game. Not voting or voting for a “protest candidate” when this much is on the line will push us back.

It is time to step up…

May 27, 2012 / Steven Pousty

Learning to Fly Fish

A couple of months ago I found myself walking around Santa Row (a neo-city shopping area on the higher end of the scale) and I came across an Orvis store. They had a sign on the door advertising fly fishing classes and that I should walk in to inquire. This is going to be a longer post but there is a question I need answering at the end…

A background digression

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to learn to fly fish. It always looked so elegant. I was a bait fisherman (with the occasional lure thrown in from time to time) for most of my childhood. I loved going fishing. My friend Tommy Sullivan and I would mix up a batch of dough, have my mom drive us to the park. She would head home and we would spend most of the day hanging out and just catching carp and sunnies. I had a subscription to field and stream magazine and would devour all of the fishing tips as soon as it came.  I saw those crazy pictures of people fly fishing and really wanted to try it. But all my fishing was self-taught. My dad was from Iran so he didn’t really think of fishing as an activity you do and my mom fished a bit when she was a kid but wasn’t interested anymore.

From the time I entered high school until the time we moved to New Haven CT ( which is about 20 yrs) I just didn’t make an effort to go fishing. With the kids around I really wanted to get them into fishing and it is quite easy in CT. There are tons of little ponds and not that many people that fish, so you can easily find a spot where the kids can have something on the end of their line besides bait. One time we went to this little pond and my entire time their was spent putting worms on hooks and taking fish off hooks. As soon as the bait hit the water the sunnies would grab it. The kids had a great time.

Since New Haven is on Long Island Sound, and I was finally making money of my own, I decided to take up surf-casting. It was another one of those activities I saw in the magazine when I was a kid but I had nobody to take me. So I got a surf casting rod, a throwing net to catch bait fish, and then  a lightweight rid to catch the young bluefish (called snappers). It was AWESOME. I had so much fun and I loved just being on the water casting and sitting. Every once and a while I might catch something and that was even better.

Okay, now you have a brief background into my fishing experience.

Back to Orvis

When I went into the store and asked about the lessons it turns out they were FREE!!!!! You don’t have to ask me twice for that. I put my name on the list to be contacted for the 101 class. I just had the class today and I have to say it is a lot of fun but I am going to need more practice. Another pro tip, even if you watch “A river runs through it” the night before, it is still hard to do (but you will also be reminded what an incredible movie that is).

There were folks from the Flycasters of San Jose there along with the Orvis staff and everybody was helpful and kind. They took us to a park and had us practice casting with some velcro on the end of our line. By the time the hour of practice was up I had a few casts that looked close to right but I know I need a lot more practice. I also want to go out and give it a try – either in one of the lakes by my house or down in Santa Cruz off the beach.

The questions:

I need to get a setup and Orvis seems to have a good deal (along with some coupons they gave us today). Can anyone with fly fishing experience please tell me if this is a good deal:

The Streamline freshwater combo – 5 weight

The Clearwater – 5 weight

Or do you have a better suggestion for a combo. I would like to get started for less than $200 on Rod and Reel.

They also recommended a Mountain Guide lanyard for a nice way to carry your essential gear. And then I would need some flies – I could use some recommendations on that as well.

Please either comment on the items I link to or give me other great suggestions. I do not want to spend a lot but I also don’t want to be frustrated by non-functional tools. Any advice you can give a budding fly fisherman would be much appreciated!

Thanks and may your lines be tight!

April 25, 2012 / Steven Pousty

For those with a Canon HD video camera – mts to mov

Less Respect – it doesn’t seem to work on Lion. I was hoping to avoid the overhead for Final Cut Pro for right now but looks like I need to bite the bullet.

Say one day you are making videos at work, using the Canon Vixia HF S30, and you want to get the videos off the camera. Well it turns out that Canon stores them in the .mts format – which of course is not readable in a whole bunch of other programs (though 20 minutes of reading up on Final Cut Pro left me unsure).

Anyway – this post does a great job of walking through getting the MTS files to MOV files using FOSS software – booyah cashah, mooch respect.

April 24, 2012 / Steven Pousty

My work blog post on spatial + mongodb on OpenShift

Definitely a technical article – basically covers some of the getting started with mongodb and spatial. Enjoy and give feedback please

April 17, 2012 / Steven Pousty

My Work wrap up of FOSS4G-NA

Like the title says – I wrote a blog post on the excellent time had by all at Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial – North America.

March 16, 2012 / Steven Pousty

Happy birthday to me

Greetings everyone

Today marks the beginning steps to the 44th year of my life on this planet (yes that means I turned 43).

Time for a little reckoning

1) TheQueen and I are getting a divorce. We have been apart for over a year and a half now. Out of respect for her and my kids I do not want to talk about it for now. I may talk about dating but probably not much.

2) I live in my own place in the woods above Los Gatos and I love it.

3) I am over 2.5 years cancer free on my scans – the big benchmark is 5 – lets see how it unfolds

4) My eldest offspring enters high school next year – holy shit!

5) I no longer work for deCarta – haven’t since November of last year. I also no longer work for LinkedIn – that was a quick 4 months. It just wasn’t a good match between LinkedIn and myself.

6) I now work for RedHat (woot) on their OpenShift product (double woot). I can’t tell you how excited I am about the work I get to do now. I am having trouble getting my feet under me because there is so much cool stuff to work on but I will get there soon.

I think that is enough news for now.

See you tomorrow or later – going out now with my friends to ride go-karts!!!