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April 18, 2009 / Steven Pousty

The CP-Pack rocks Open Street Map (OSM)

So the kids, some of their friends, and I did the recent OSM street mapping party for San Jose.

We had a phenomenal  time – I highly recommend taking your kids if one of the parties comes to your neighborhood. You can discuss crowd-sourcing, GPS units, mapping, landmarks, and all sorts of fun hiking around. The CloudMade staff were awesome and basically my kids got one on one tutorials from the staff and each child got their own GPS unit.

So now my kids edits will live in OSM forever. All the fountains, landmarks, memorials, footpaths that end in fountains, museums, and public toilets (need to change styles to see it) are due to my kids!!!!! How frickin cool is that. And the great part is that my kids can download the data again and use it for whatever they wish.

Promise - they were really having fun

Promise - they were really having fun



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  1. Yves Moisan / Apr 20 2009 4:40 am

    Nice. We’re setting up a mapping party in our area on May 30 ( but we’ll be on our own. We’re too far away from CloudMade folks :-(. I didn’t know about the styleId url parameter. I’ll have to investigate on this.


  2. Steven Citron-Pousty / Apr 20 2009 9:17 am

    Sorry you are too far – are you coming to geoweb or something like that – maybe we can do a party there as well!

  3. Yves Moisan / Apr 20 2009 1:28 pm

    Unfortunately not. I’m hoping to do a pretty detailed mapping of soccer fields in my area so my local soccer association can stop using screenchots of proprietary web mapping sites in its Coach’s Manual showing where the fields are. Are there styles you know of for sports facilities ?


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