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February 25, 2009 / Steven Pousty

VSLive – WCF a whirl wind introductio

Rob Green is the presenter

Available at

WCF allows you to expose the same service through many protocols – not just SOAP over HTTP (did he just say SOAP, I am about to have listen to WS* stuff)

Looks like from this talk it only knows how to talk using XML as the data type and that you might have to define XSD. I think there is a REST using WCF in a later session. That might be more appropriate for what I want…

So while most of his talk is generic it looks to be focused mostly on WS* stuff. I may skip out and go to the LINQ session though it sounds like Entity Framework is the way to go. Nah stay here for now…

Interesting, Attributed Code seems to be the .NET equivalent to Java  @ annotations.

The WCF test client shows you the XML payloads and the bound data – not bad

If the web service to front your service – delete the generated files and point it instead to the service you make first. Need the slides or demo to figure this stuff out and now I see what Dave B was talking about. There is a lot to remember to get this up and going – then again he is showing WS*.

Alright tuning out and doing work work – pop back in if he stops talking about WS*.

Ok, wacky pack but kinda cool is that you could host one of these services inside excel where one person has the master spreadsheet and everyone else looks to get updates interactively while the spreadsheet is open.



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