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February 25, 2009 / Steven Pousty

VSLive – Building RESTful services using WCF 3.5

Jon Flanders found at or – vibrant speaker. He wrote RESTful.NET for O’reilly. He actually is a great speaker.

Hey Sean, he called it an architectural style – does he get correctness points for that.

Gives a short history of REST vs SOAP/WS* and now an introduction so I am tuning out again until he comes to how to do this with WCF. He is doing a good job talking about why REST is better.

VS2008 .NET3.5 SP1

Much fewer attributes to define the service. Just create a service and then create methods to respond to messages.  Since there probably no needs for multiple implementations of the service you don’t need to use IService -> Service, just do the service. You need a WebGet annotation – with a UriTemplate = to the uri that you want to use to get this method called.

You do need a SVC file – a text file with the service definition for IIS to see the service,  also needs a factory that is in his demo.

Fiddler is a good tool for doing REST debugging if you don’t want to use Firebug – made by MS.

Caching is a huge benefit for REST – especially with static data.  Glad to hear Silverlight support JSON/ WCF has support for JSON – AJAX enabled WCF service from new file.

Easy to do with feeds with as well – showing how to create an Atom feed -built in helper methods.

There is a REST starter kit on codeplex.

GREAT SESSION – highly reccomend as a speaker and does a good job talking to .NET developers about why use REST.


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