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February 24, 2009 / Steven Pousty

VSLive – using sharepoint and VSTO to deliver apps

You can use WPF in VSTO

Advantage for sharepoint is that it reduces risk and so does office

Allows you to integrate data from the desktop in excel with central data sources. You probably/may not to make this outward facing to the rest of the world and instead use it just internally.

Help to bring some structure from unstructured business flows – gives example using Excel spreadsheet being set around in email. Work in excel but it is really talking to back-end data services (VSTO helps with this – no more VBA – another source for 3 cheers). He is a big fan of Office 2007.  VSTO can also integrate with VBA in your current documents.

UH OH – VB6 troll in the room and sidetracks the conversation.

Demo of sharepoint with an excel worksheet with customization with VSTO rather than VBA. Has some web service calls and some DB stuff and save the results back to the DB, trigger the workflow, then trigger an email.

Ruh roh – network connection not working during a demo – I don’t want to be on the end of these kind of support calls.


Action Pane and Custom task pane – a Window Form pane in excel to work with and the wpf interop control allows you to put some WPF controls there. Same for Ribbon bar

Outlook form regions – set up custom capabilities inside of outlook. Put a WPF control in outlook email message – hhhmmmm that first hit is free – are you in and if so you are in for a long long time to come

VSTO adds two sharepoint specific worklows – sharepoint is such a sense of gobleygook to me. I wish someone built some nice sharepoint site so I could feel good about spending time trying to make it work. Right now I am so not sold on sharepoint, and certainly not something mere mortals can do.  These demos are doing nothing for making me feel any better about sharepoint. Does anyone out there have good stories about sharepoint – other than propoganda.

Too much demo problems making it hard to stay focused – hello twitter, whats up on FB….

Alright it is kinda late in the day and I am not all the interested in breakpoints in the worklflow but looks kinda cool.

LINQ to SQL in an excel spreadsheet FTW!

Load Events when working VSTO form has to be called on the document load otherwise it doesn’t work.


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