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February 24, 2009 / Steven Pousty

VSLive – ASP.NET MVC (or MS discovers Struts)

Stephen Walther is the presenter and I like his style. Easy going, minimal slides, and good examples with explanations

It is a new technology for web developers and not to replace WebForms. I usually had a hard time with this with .NET devs in the past. I am glad there is something there now that I can show with the MS stamp of approval.

MVC = Model – View – Controller

It was built on codeplex in an agile pattern and is open source. He is now going to show a CRUD application. It is good to see how people use VS.

Sweet – it prompts you to create unit test from the start. Nice little lecture on why testing is important especially when you need to touch other peoples code. Hallelujah he says to delete the sample files since they just end up confusing you.

Invest the ADO.NET Entity data model  framework (“the way forward”) rather than LINQ -but they are very similar

He is going to talk about Model Binding which is the new concept for MS. You can register your own model binders.

Holy cow this is so much better than web forms but still not good enough – I am really going to focus on the WCF and REST sessions. I was done with this style of development quite some time ago.



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  1. Dave Bouwman / Feb 24 2009 2:24 pm

    Steve0 – ASP.NET MVC is the shiz! 😉

    We’ve been building on this for ~6 months, and it’s great – you can build REST end-points with less hassle than using WCF. Grab the mvccontrib goodies and you’ll be up and running with dependency injection for your controllers in minutes – and then you can unit test like a mad-man. IsGd? Yz.

    You going to Dev Summit?


    • Steven Citron-Pousty / Feb 24 2009 3:09 pm

      Yo G – nope not gonna be at the Dev summit – would love to go but there is so much I am doing right now that is not ESRI that I need to spend my training dollars and time there. I hope to go next year. You coming out for WhereCamp?

      As for the MVC stuff – why do you need the controller for a REST type application? When I wrote my .NET REST style api I just used a Generic Handler and away I went. I used LINQ underneath to do the ORM work. It was easy and so much nicer than working with Web Forms. I am checking out data services and WCF to see if they add to that. It sounds like if MC of MVC is better than WCF then perhaps I should stay with data services or perhaps Generic handlers.

      You coming out to Cali any time soon?

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