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January 24, 2008 / Steven Pousty

Tearoff databases for Mobile Phones – Java DB

Rick Hillegas

If he covers 2 way replication I will be one happy camper

JavaDB (Sun’s version of Apache Derby – which is IBM’s old DB)  is availale on Apache license. Runs on the CDC stack [so where is the list of CDC phones]

It is 2 meg on disk, sweet spot is embedded databases (could be embedded in your app). It is still being worked on by Sun and IBM.

You should consider tear-off databases like a wide of post-its. Refreshable, disposable, and usually short lived. Use in location based apps or storing incremental publishing of content – tear off a week worth of content for reading later.

Nice demo of the app.

I don’t think he is going to cover 2 way replication – no soup for YOU. So he is defining a tear off as a one way. Could still be interesting but less so.

They build pieces into the toolkit to help with the checkout and synching data. The cycle insures that the data is always complete.

Coming next quarter – table functions – any abitrary stream data and wrap a table around and then use SQL to filter and work with it. Contact him if you have questions.


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