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January 24, 2008 / Steven Pousty

Afternoon lighnting

Darkstar with Mobile for MMPORG

Darkstar is the server infrastucture with a bunch of clients connecting to a lot of servers with some metaserves gluing it all together.

To use it with mobile you need proxy in the middle – so you end up with a 3 tier arch. This guy is working on making a HTTP proxy to that there is minimal resource use and easy to use for client (phone). He is writing integration with the netbeans mobility pack.

Nice screen shot

Great time limit enforcement by E-Ming (the Sun guy from our DevCon mobility panel).


Adaptive instrutmentaiton for MIDP testing. There are some arch. reason that it is hard to test.
Redesign App  – not so good

They suggest to modify the binary – insert special code on the fly. Arch slide which bores me. You basically add one line of code to constructor and then the test framework can then gain access to the code. All done for me…


What can the JCP do for you. It is more about what you can make the JCP do for you.  He believes in the romantic vision of a single developer building a great app getting onto the platforms. So he is talking about the need for individuals rather organizations on the different committees. Here comes the call to action – volunteering with 4 things

1. Vote – 1/3 of jcp members vote

2. Subscribe to the ME related lists

3. Help – review  MIDP 3.0 and send an email  -action not words

4. Show up – Terrence has a room over at the mansion to start discussion the issues.


Do we need a mobile developer alliance? Carriers and OEMs are shooting themselves in the foot to leave revenue on the table. Problem is too big and compicated to be handled by any one group. He thinks only the developers can solve it bc they have the most skin in the game. Wants developers to start talking now and figure out where to go from there.


Putting Java on devices Sun’s Java engineering Services – a pitch for their consulting services that puts Java on tons-o-devices. Mostly for OEMs and other people who move physical products. [All done for me]


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