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January 23, 2008 / Steven Pousty

The Future of JavaME development tools

Wireless toolkit for CLDC
supports more 23 JSRs including OpenGL and SVG
There is a new JSR for J2ME for XML processing which would be good with our openLS service

Worth the price of the conference alone
watching a javaVM working on WinMo6 on the HTC TinyTC – I think it is phoneME but with just a quick browse I don’t see how they got it running.

I am not really paying that close attention since I feel like Netbeans is the platform for Mobile development. Perhaps I should, so I can see some of the cool things I can do, such as SVG support and visual designer.

Visual Designer is a graphical UI for developing application flow on the phone. Looks like they took Matisse and are now using it for CDC screen design. Damn matisse is sweet.

Ok but the TLA in the Java mobile space is killing me – bring me android or the iPhone. Something to simplify this model, more to follow on this thread…

SVG and Advanced Graphics
The TLAs are killing me so I am trying to watch some eye candy
SVG tiny is mostly cell phones and SVG basic is for browsers and perhaps smart phones.Nice demos and I am fading fast…


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  1. stelt / Jan 24 2008 4:26 am

    More SVG goodness on

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