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January 23, 2008 / Steven Pousty

See again I wasn’t the only one thinking about this

So it seems other in the blogosphere are talking about frameworks as well

Ping out to InfoQ and Bill de hÓra. I like Bill’s discussion of leaky abstractions and the comments that follow. Can I please give a shout out to Eelco from Wicket. He has maintained an open mind and a great discussion in all the different places where I have seen him contribute to this discussion.

Of course they say it better than I do and hey, they also mention Django so Sean doesn’t have to.

For me it is not that frameworks are inherently bad, it’s just perhaps not everything is a nail for their hammer.

And I find it very interesting that .NET developers are nowhere to be seen on any of these threads (except for Matt Priour). Theories on this one are welcome…



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  1. priour / Jan 24 2008 8:08 am

    I think the lack of discussion on the part of .net Developers regarding frameworks is that there is really only 1 .net web framework in significant use. ASP.Net works, is well supported, under active development, with tons of resources, and is thoroughly embedded in the systems & workflow used by .net developers. While is it possible to roll your own, why would you. The intersting .net web frameworks are actually things built on top of which further abstract & automate content generation. So unless your involved with non-.Net backends, there is really not much to discuss.

  2. Steven Citron-Pousty / Jan 24 2008 3:10 pm

    Yeah Matt, I thought as much but that still doesn’t answer the question if the framework is the right answer to the question. Isn’t it possible that MS has overengineered the problem space and that for certain classes of problem ASP.NET web controls is just too much?

  3. priour / Jan 25 2008 8:00 am

    ASP.Net web controls can definalty be way too much for soe simple tasks. I like to use generic web handlers and just reference the libraries I need is I’m not going to really display any info. Even in some cases when I do want to display things, if there is a lot of presentation logic invloled, then I would rather just spit out the data in the most compact wire format and let the client handle presentation logic details.
    I think there are some really exciting and interesting possiblities with the new MVC framework and also with WCF(Windows Communication Foundation). We will have to see what all develops. I think 1-2 years from now you could see some signifacnt shifts off of the ASP.Net framework and onto an alternative style that empahsiszes RESTful architecture and efficient wire transfer formats.

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