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January 23, 2008 / Steven Pousty

Afternoon session

Sun Spot Talk

Great demos of what you can do with a SunSpot
SunSpot runs the squawk JVM which can run bare metal without an OS.
There is wireless communication and with the accelerometer he built a cool little remote controlled robot. It was not a hardware project – it was a software project, most importantly it was a java programming project

Now Mesh Networking

802.15.4 MAC layer in the devices. Range is approx 100m – lots – o – network topologies are supported.

Gone too deep for those of us who are idjits in the world of networking. My head is hurting. I am not sure even where to start with questions…
Ahhh some code but not much help. What is GCF? Thank you google

On to Security
Need security bc most sunspots are wireless
User Friendly
Reuse well known, peer-reviewed industry standards
Trust/Key management should “just work” in the most common scenarios
Byte code verified on desktop and sealed until goes to device and then sig verified on sunspot

Each user’s SDK has a public/private key pair. As soon as you connect your key is sent and you become the owner but can change owner with USB connection. Over air it is only the key it has

The use SSL/HTTPS for secure communcation. Preface your communcation protocol with an s and it becomes SSL’ed radiostream -> sradiostream. Multiple spots belonging to the same owner are all set with keys and so SSL just works

Now for Solarium
Dealing with a collection of SPOTs.
Start laptop with Solarium running – eventually it goes around discovers all SPOTs in the network and adds them to a view. Frickin Sweet interface to manage all your devices – gotta see the movie for this one. You can serialize the entire app and send it to another device – holy canoli. Extra points for doing it all live!

Some Emulator work
They have added an emulator to the Solarium application. Very nice spot with intuitive way to change it’s sensors. Shows the virtual interacting with real SPOTs. Again, you need to see the video

Using SPOTs to monitor BlackBox moving across country
Want to track
virbration but only big events
Data Logging

USGS monitoring on the Bay Ravenswood
Still need to work on extend the time period monitoring and more robustness

Systronix showing TrackBots and swarming with Sun SPOTs.
He loves SQUAWK and think it is huge that all these things run on devices smaller than a cell phone. Some cool robot demos

Sentilla – these are the mote people. He is talking about getting a full JVM and more on a chip the size of a dime. It can store info and network and process. My brain is getting kinda full. They have done some really interesting things to make sensor programming really easy. They have a limited beta send an email.


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  1. lolo / Jan 23 2008 6:56 pm

    Yes, Sentilla has a beta. And it costs 5000 $ to get the dev kit. With 10kB of memory on each sentilla mote every 2 bytes of code will cost you a dollar. Code carefully!

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