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October 31, 2007 / Steven Pousty

It wasn’t really an earthquake

Just wanted to clarify what happened last night – you might have thought that was an earthquake but no it was


That’s right, we went live with the new devZone last night.

I had a great team that made it all happen. Be sure to look for new features and content over the coming weeks.

Here is a list of some of the “features” in the upgrade…

–    You now have the ability to control which mailings you get from deCarta (a.k.a. no more spam). Under your account preference (top right of the page has the line to preferences) you can select only those mailings you wish to receive.
–    RSS and email notification for forum postings
–    We have condensed the number of forums and we have started a read-only forum for administrative postings
–    Forums support sticky posts which will contain some of the most common information pertaining to that forum
–    A renewed focus by deCarta on forum participation
–    A new “getting started” section
–    The FAQ is now a wiki allowing registered developers to add and edit content
–    There are deCarta Casts; screencasts demonstrating different aspects of working deCarta technology. Right now we have deCarta Casts on our deCarta Web Services with more to follow in the future.
–    The Web Services XML testing application has been upgraded and is now live on the devZone, The applications store use your Web Services username and password so you no longer have to type them in to use these services
–    The JavaScript examples and documentation are also live on the devZone, no need to download and configure locally. You can view the samples and the JavaScript doc all live from the devZone.
–    We have placed the product manuals on the devZone so you no longer need the CD or FTP site to get to documentation with the shipping product. Right now it is only for Web Services but we will be shortly adding more content.

Go ahead and poke around the site and try out the new features. We have setup a forum just for devZone issues so go ahead and place any comments, suggestions, or bugs you find.  As always feel free to write me directly with your questions and concerns.

We now return to our regularly scheduled devCon work (after a short break for TRICK OR TREATING – yeah baby!!)


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