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July 18, 2007 / Steven Pousty

Speed Geeking and afternoon sessions

Speed geeking was cool – a lot of creativity in the mashup space, image search, finding info on the web on the people in your address, doing routing for bars within 5 miles of your location so you can stumble around without losing your buzz.

Now at the intel Moblin

It’s not a laptop, it’s not phone it is that between. They don’t have the prototype here so no fun playing around with a geek toy. More powerful than a PDA bc it is based off a x86 instruction set. A reference platform currently for OEMs to build their own custom devices. They could build things like medical monitors, personal tv players, or a gaming platform. Here is there more technical spiel. I am not really a fan of these tweeners EXCEPT for the fact that it is x86 so write for a desktop or this device.


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