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July 18, 2007 / Steven Pousty

And so Mashup Camp begins

Just about to get started with the deciding on sessions. I really like this “spontaneous” creation of sessions. I will give you a list of some of the things I am thinking about attending. Perhaps the presence session, mobile UI, mashing up google checkout,spreadsheets, and map, another on licensing, mobile GPS, moblin from Intel – mobile mashups, API best practices, and I am leading a session on Amateur vs. Pro at 3-4 pm today. Off to the sessions…

Presence session

What is difference between presence and status – difference between phone world view versus WAP view – on the verge of beating up providers for their model for allowing people to play with their stuff.
Types of ways of thinking about users –

also about security from information

  • Privacy
  • Could be state dependent – work hours let coworkers see your presence , after hours just your friends
  • filter and the providers

and the metadata about types of presence

  • synicing it
  • geotagging

Interesting point about open vs closed system and what could be made possible given the model. Lots of interesting issues – the discussion is a bit rambly. Seems like there is a lot of movement in this space. Should be fun to watch the tension between carriers walled garden and IP telephony…

Challenges for business use of mashups

  • Came in late – But here are interesting ideas and thoughts – [thought] indicates idea from me that I share and are discussed in the room, everything else is from the smart people in the room. Just don’t want people to think all these things are my ideas or thoughts.
  • There is confusion over licensing – You can use data within your company or just for consumption only but no storing. One guy states he thinks data in XML is no different from MP3 or music and it should be treated that way.
  • Someone else states – Copyright was created to allow the spread of content and it is actually inhibiting for mashup.
  • Rules actually help people bc it helps to clear up risk. Traditional IT is based off a rule of scarcity but mashup is a rule of abundance – how do you manage that value change.
  • [thought] some of it related to IT seeing themselves as safe enablers of data versus protecters and lock downers
  • A lot of services use ad-driven revenue and this is hard model for giving data away
  • [thought] that there is a cultural problem – most people who interact with their computer are used to working with Excel and Word – and they don’t think of mixing and matching data sources on the fly. Interesting followup discussion. There is a plugin for excel that does this now.
  • Some of the upgrades going on now in large IT are basically going to enable mashupability but not until 2009. So SMBs are the target are now but look to large IT a couple years out.
  • [thought] Mashups can be seen as a good way to prototype what is a popular business value app that IT can then standardize and make 24×7. Allows users to show IT what they need in a more powerful way than a written use case.
  • Firewalls and lack of interoperability.

More notes will be up on the wiki. Great session on the interface between business using mashups internally…



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