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July 17, 2007 / Steven Pousty

Popfly from MS

Closed alpha – it is going to be all demos – no slides. Popfly is a consumer of windows live services or other services – meant for non-developers.

Running on silverlight so it only runs on those supported browsers. Coms pre-configured with blocks that provide services. Very fancy UI doing some fun effects. Very quick and easy to take a search and make it a slideshow. About 100 blocks are available out of the box with popfly but there is a mechanism for making your own.

Next demo – mapping twitter users – 10 latest posts. Wire together services like pipes but it puts a very nice front end on top of it.  Very nice, you can edit the javascript directly to customize a block (service) and it does intellisense to help complete the javascript.  Creating a new block (service) requires writing javascript to interface with the data source and some xml that describes your block.

Once you save you can either embed it, put it on live, on facebook or plenty of other places. But they are really trying to create a community of people with them sharing mashups that friends can rate and such.

There is a plugin for VS2005 that allows you to edit popfly projects and then upload them and share them with others.

Interesting tech – another in the GUI for making mashups and repurposing data from the internet. They have some basic scraping and they understand most feeds. Should be interesting to watch Goog and MSFTgo head to head on this one.


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  1. Donny V. / Jul 18 2007 7:45 am

    I must say that PopFly is pretty impressive.
    I’m loving the ducks they have on the site.

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