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July 17, 2007 / Steven Pousty

Day two of mashup camp

BungeeLabs was delayed due to traffic so this morning is an IBM fest. I saw their demos yesterday. They are making a big push to provides feeds (federation, repurposing, wiki-fying) in a corporate type setting. Not sure how this all plays with the other parts of IBM software stack so maybe we will learn more. Probably going to be the closed source version of SnapLogic or Kapow.

Dan Gisolfi is leading off the talk. Going to cover mashup ecosystem – IBM tech overview – QEDWiki code walk – Mashup Hub Code Walk. One of the points of this new “mashup” tech is to allow for more of a self service business pattern. Even though you may not be IT you still need to create a web site that combines information in new ways. [note – maybe this should really be called Portals 2.0] He says the data is the gold nugget – look at accuweather, dow jones… they are trying to find new channels for their content (i.e. data). How to drive revenue from this? His slides are wayyyyyyy to busy – great talking and ideas but his slides are distracting.

Interesting Widget ecosystem concepts chart – IBM is targeting the knowledge worker with widgets that even above standalone self-contained widgets such as Zude or Google gadgets – a widget of aware where it is on the page. He says they are not there yet.  Demo of a situation aware application for the EPA tracking Avian Influenza – wiki page with widgets on i. Not page aware widgets but from various places on the web – dapper widget, feeds…  Using a trulia widget with real estate and zip codes AND lat long (the key part)  along with accuweather wind patterns to look at bird migration patterns for spread of virus. Dynamically wired together on the page.

Next example mashing up trulia, dapper pulling stuff from,  and google maps. Very nice integration…

Another slide with a lot of the pieces of the ecosystem. Maybe there is a place where they could put these slides up so ppl can see them. My phone camera is not good enough to capture it so I will ask them to make it acccessible.

QEDWiki – mashup maker/hosting
MashupHub – catalog and collaboration for feeds and widgets with rating and tagging – embraces  OpenSeach (hooray for DeWitt)
DAMIO – browser based tech  that enable users to create custom feeds – like Pipes or SnapLogic
Ms. RITA – utilization management service to track widget, their use, and should we meter it for revenue (not always about money)
The platform is called info2.0

most of it is written in PHP with some having Java versions. The people deploying and using this stuff are really web developers and so PHP plays well in this space. It is again a split in big corporate (IT setting standards) versus smaller shops where PHP is much more common for rapid development. Another interesting note – if you look at most of the widgeters and content providers they have APIs in almost ALL the languages. Not dictating what language you use to consume. Some other large vendors should think about this as well….

Interesting note – yet again we are coming up against the pro versus amateur with tools discussion. Use case given is a knowledge worker who doesn’t want to wait for IT to write a custom report from the DB. So if the Knowledge worker has DB privs then they can use SQL to create a feed that can then be repurposed.  Predicition – get ready for the debate about who is expert enough to do this kind of stuff to grow here as well. Actually I am sure it already has and I probably missed it somewhere…

Other talks but I need to take a quick break…


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