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July 17, 2007 / Steven Pousty

BungeeLabs in the afternoon

Had an excellent brownie at lunch – moist and chocolately…


They have a fusion server – demo – read an email on their fusion server – updates your outlook but also looks to salesforce to see if you have a lead or contact with that person. Doing SOAP calls behind the scene. Does address book against lookup against salesforce and exchange in real time. They are showing this as a reference app because they actually sell the server pieces that let you wire all this together. They have some HOT javascript going on between and roundtripping going on with their controls – add a address in one browser window and it updates automagically in another browser window. Very nice.

Another great demo with contacts and google maps – dragging and dropping contacts and getting mapping and routing.

The IDE to build apps is an Ajax application and is done only on the server. They have some great UI going – for developers it resembles VisualStudio or netbeans but it is a web app. You can bound controls to the same field as so they share state in real time. They have versioning built into the system and you can choose which to deploy from the source control. Pieces of the functionality can also be shared with other developers as controls with different licenses. You can also build a team and share the source and build.

The whole thing is running in BungeeLogic which is a C like language but written specifically for these on-demand type applications. Their IDE is hosted in bungee as well so eating their own dogfood.

They use a utility based model – they charge you for hosting the app based upon how many hits you get. No charge to develop.

If you want to add a new javascript api widget to your app you need to wait on them to write it. Said it is on their roadmap to allow developers to add them but not now. Can work with XML over HTTP or REST services without their intervention.

Really interesting tech and ideas – they definitely have some issues left to grapple with, such the behind the firewall deployment, but the stuff they have looks hot…


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