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July 16, 2007 / Steven Pousty

More afternoon sessions

Intel and LignUP

Not sure that this one is going to be about – here we go. Community software managers help developers be successful on the intel platform. Talking about platform and context awareness. Intel has a web 2.0 tdk. C++ plugins for FFand IE

LignUp – App server enables developers to integrate real-time communication into web apps , portals, and process without CTI or SIP experience. Demo showing the server calling the devs phone when his laptop storage when it went below 16% free space. It called him and then connected him to the closes Best Buy so he could go buy an external hard drive. Just did another demo that when the server went above 60% CPU usage it initiated a conference call with an audience member. It is javascript and ASP.NET with VB.NET. They also have a facebook plugin that allows you to do text to speech or live record and then send to phones.
Microsoft – windows live services

Scott Mauvais – technical architect – kinda like tech marketing where they help prototype customers solutions. Going to show how to combine live properties instead of mashing other sources. It is going to be a mapping app – Look at photos for your and your contact and geolocate all of them.

Going to show single sign on, storage for photos, contacts, and a map. Man, doing all these live internet demos is scary – the MS guy is having problems but it works now. Showing adding pictures to a location. Both MS and AOL do prompting for permission to do stuff with the data.

Doing some code snippets to build some pages – all java script and simple html. Pretty slick – they have ACLs in their spaces (images or blog) that the javascript can take advangtage of privacy settings. Nice app he put together with fairly little work.

They are definitely going after ESRI with the internet mapping. He demos a oil fields visualization in the Gulf of Mexico that does a advanced visualization, asset managment, and workflow.

He then also states that he (and not the product team) thinks that the live properties are going the way of Office – not so great when it started but excellent integration among the different pieces. So given all the stuff that happens in their live apps they are going to leverage integration. They are also thinking of integration this with Office live server.

GOOG Mashup Editor

Trying to be able to create mashups quickly and easily. Need to handle feeds, give a UI, and give infrastructure.
All feeds are in  Atom like GData
UI Controls need to be cross browser compat
Simple declaration of UI components like HTML
Simple data modeled after a feed – so all data is from a feed
Provide a sandbox with one click deploy

They use <gm: tags to add modules and to create templates

Demo : they have an editor with specialized tags for google mashup things – it then gets compiled on the server and then hosted. Pretty easy syntax. This is how you also build gadgets.  Another demo showing how you can make an editable feed that you can edit your own data. Now a demo to create a list and a map – state parks listed with maps and google base for camping areas. Now google is having the live on the internet issues.


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  1. valentin10 / Jul 17 2007 5:55 am

    Very good blog, very rich nice pictures and articles, congratulations !!!

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