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July 16, 2007 / Steven Pousty

Missed most of jMaki and now Kapow

I am sad I missed jMaki – there seems to be a ton of great things happening there and it would be good to get a brain dump from one of the devs. I will will hunt Greg down today or tomorrow.

On to Kapow
Looks like they are going to be another company providing APIs to the stove pipes internal to enterprise organizations. They are going after the long tail of data and applications – small apps and data that not used by most people at the org but used consistently by people in the org and there are a lot of these little apps. They take structured and unstructured data and go back and forth to common mashup protocols. They also do web scraping. They have an open playing space and they also have Java and .NET APIs. Demo time – making an RSS feed by scraping an MLS site.

Next up is Zude
These guys allow you to create a portal where you mashup all sort of content from throughout the web. I am starting to fade in the day and so it is harder to me stay focused on the talk. He is talking mostly about why they did what they did and what the background is. I saw a demo of this during the speed lunch and it is pretty neat – he was taking all sorts of content in all sort of formats and adding it to a page as widgets. This goes beyond just adding RSS feeds. Here is some of their white papers and technology behind zude, fifth generation. They say it is all open source and so we should be able to use it and it supposed to be fast. Claiming that it is real time and small footprint.


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