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June 3, 2007 / Steven Pousty

Other lightning talks

Tagzania gave a very funny overview of the conference

My boring talk

Geo ERV and GIS Vista – basically setting up mobile mapping units and they are hiring. They are doing good work with setting up strategic disaster mapping services

Hacking Google StreetView – man these folks are good. They basically used someone elses steps to hack the service and they did things like show the images of street van that has a GPS unit attached or add the streetview pictures to for events – most excellent and funny

Geotudes – they want to divide the world into cells and use it rather than lat and long. They think of this as a permanent address for all spaces on earth.

FreeEarth – Poly9 Free earth -buit in flash with a free api great demo of all the places using it. – part of

GPS Drift – artist describing how we deal place

Ortho production – Marc P from #planetgs gives a talk about the process of creating orthorectified photos. Quick and just demonstrating what needs to be done

Steve Echtamen – doing a start up of location based aggregation content, media streaming, and handheld portable devices.

<aside>Man there are a lot of Steves at this conference </aside>

Had to go to meet with the family….

See you on the other side.


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