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June 2, 2007 / Steven Pousty

Lightning talks – Part Une

Missed some at the beginning because I was talking to Chris Holmes about GeoServer

GraphServer does open source trip planning.  Can do things like driving, walking, taxi…, web server API and so it scales by throwing more server. Nice graphics. Could be cool for small groups

OpenStreetMap using taxis in the UK. Excellent volume of data and they want to share it… Uses an OpenAccess API with a contest but not much talk. Awesome data for people to play with

Telling the truth with maps – talking about implications of how you display data.

CarTiki – a geoenabled wiki- works on a grand scale and a local scale. Also has a gmapuploader to take an image and place it in a google maps intereface. Pretty nice interface and decent first rev for mapping.

Going to reconvene later….


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