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June 2, 2007 / Steven Pousty

Geojson talk though it may become the OpenMap Talk

So I am going to start here given the stuff I have been doing in OpenLayers and .NET lately. If the talk goes sour then I am headed to OpenAccess. crschmidt is giving an intro and gives a good overview. It is a simple format that javascript can parse easily without hitting cross-domain browser issues. The goal is to get everyone on 1 spec for doing geographic stuff. alright this is starting to get a bit too academic with this new guy. And he is showing some ways to “name” geographies so you can repeat them without writing them out both times. So it is kinda neat but I want the discussion since that is the benefit of having all these people here. Look at and Interesting discussion about the tension between designing by committee and then getting buy in.  Yahoo has seen 20% reduction in load going from XML to JSON on answers.

Excellent discussion afterwards


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