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May 28, 2007 / Steven Pousty

On this Memorial Day

This post is to help remember my uncle Aaron Lieb Rosenstreich (of blessed memory), 187th Airborne, killed in Vietnam on May 11th, 1969. A gifted craftsman, artist, and Peace Corp volunteer – beloved friend, brother, son, and uncle. Links 1 and 2



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  1. Barry I. Strum / Jul 25 2008 6:01 am

    I was a Lieutenant in Vietnam…Army Medical Service from Nov ’68- Dec’69. I spent most of my time in the Pleiku area and in and around Qui Nhon. I didn’t know your uncle , but instead happened upon his name in a search for colleagues who died in Vietnam. His story has stuck with me…his involvement in the Peace Corps, his crafts talents, and the icredible irony of getting drafted after valid public service, only to be KIA at Hamburger Hill.

    I was a medical platoon leader in Vietnam. Though I saw little combat, I did however, confront the results on a daily basis. 40 years later I still have strong and sometimes haunting feelings over the tragic sacrifice of lives…and the fact that I was spared….something many if not most Vietnam veterans ask themselves from time to time.

    Being Jewish, part of my search involved finding out just how Jews were involved in terms of numbers, units, combat, etc. There is quite a body of statistical research on who fought in Vietnam in terms of ethnicity, religious affiliation, age, education, state/regional residence, etc.I had little choice regarding Vietnam service, as I was an ROTC graduate. I left law school after the first year and decided to go on active duty, abandoning the popular notion that several years of sanctuary in graduate or professional school would enable one to avoid Vietnam. I was fortuate in that I managed to get around the country on a variety of assignments. During the course of those travels I developed a photographic chronicle. In the early 80’s I had several images included in a Vietnam Veteran Exhibition , which travelled around the nation and is archived at UMass.

    Your uncle’s story intrigues me. I’d be quite interested in hearing/seeing more of the record of his service.


    Barry I. Strum
    Cincinnati, Ohio


  1. Again, thanks to all, but for me thanks to my Uncle « Steve's Little world

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