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March 21, 2007 / Steven Pousty

Trying out meebo

Hey all – I have added a meebo sidebar widget to play with for a while. I tried this a couple of years ago on some other blogs and thought “holy cow this could be a black hole of time”. For a person addicted to log stats and the ability to be easily distracted by shiny objects I am a bit concerned.

The other interesting part of this experiment is that I find my self back at the desktop application vs. web application thoughts from yesterday. I logged into meebo, checked all my accounts, and then thought about how to get GAIM to connect to Meebo.  It is not because Meebo was deficient, I think it was more my preference for a desktop app and that there is no IRC client in Meebo. Actually the interface to meebo is quite slick for IM’ing on multiple protocols and there is nothing to install.

Oh well, if I am logged in why don’t you stop and chat a while.  And if you are looking at this message right no, don’t be surprised if I suddenly start trying to chat with you – just call me the reverse stalker…


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