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March 21, 2007 / Steven Pousty

.NET & Java SIG

I know I should be at the Java SIG but Dave is a smart cookie and I am trying to drink more .NET kool-aid.

Dave has written a hibernate like data binding layer for ArcObjects and it really sweet. He is talking about all the advantages to isolating the business layer from the ArcObjects layer. Anyone who has seen the value of using an object-relational tool should love this right away. He is demo-ing it working inside of Visual Studio.

Rather than querying the geodb for the Objects to build he is using an xsd transformed geodb schema export. It makes your business code cleaner and safer and isolates changes in the geodb from forcing a rewrite of business rewrite.


Domain specific languages is really an xml schema and since it has a schema that is all you need to generate a geodatabase. Goodbye UML for geodb design – instead use the domain specific language. Awesome vision on this one – though I want to see it really happen – he claims it is theoretical. There is also some DSL stuff for Java as well so this could be a good cross-platform solution for ESRI if they can pull it off. Given the depth of XML and XSD expertise in house and their close partnership with Microsoft I think this might actually fly…

Art is talking now so I may skip over to the Java SIG just to hang with some of my homies…

All Done


I walked in to see some IBM guy giving a talk – ho hum

Question from the audience – about Server Object Extensions in Unix – Jay at a higher level.

Clarification on Java performance – there is a slight performance hit for in process (such as Engine) but there is no performance difference for out of process (Server).

Question about Portal compliance to the IBM dude – it is important to IBM and they have done it for a long time. He goes on and on about how they are using it and how it is important to their strategy going forward. I think I might go back to the .NET session for a while….


Damian talking … discussion about pricing … tension between large enterpise customers who expect it to cost more and smaller shops that think it is too much (like me). Someone talks about selling just web ADF separately.


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