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March 20, 2007 / Steven Pousty

Going to the Dev Summit and first night

Trip here and the First night:

Most of my blog posts and the summit will be light and not much detail as I try to balance comprehension with note writing.

So on to the trip…I hate LAX – what a lame airport with a total ripoff for prices. Not all of the electrical plugs work. On the upside I got to see the Airbus 380 what a HUGE plain. It looks like United really cuts it close for connecting flights – there were a lot of people running around.

Had a great time at the Showcase and get together. I got to talk to some vendors that where interesting- Ricoh, AirPhotoUSA, MetaCarta, Leica, and Trimble

The blogger meetup was a lot of fun. Thanks to Dave for putting it together. We had the usual .NET versus Java debate – and again I was the only one in the Java camp. It wasn’t quite the same without having Jei there to be the MS fanboi. Some interesting discussions about developing with ESRI products and, since most of us were consultants, about the attitude of our firms to developers and the development process.


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