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December 20, 2006 / Steven Pousty

GIS Analyst – come on down!

We have another job opening – contact me at scitronpousty AT gmail dot com if you are interested – and how could you not be? I mean come on – work on spatial problems, hang out with me, live in Sacto, and be easy driving distance to things like this and this.

Do you love doing GIS? Do you want to work on a wide variety of projects, from cartography, to suitability analysis, to field data collection? Can you manage multiple projects and do you enjoy interacting with project managers and end users? Then come join our expanding team of GIS analysts at Jones & Stokes. We are a natural resources consulting firm with a long history of GIS work. We are looking for a team member to join a group of motivated and interesting GIS professionals. One of the great aspects of Jones & Stokes culture is its highly entrepreneurial spirit. Have a great idea that our clients will love – well then we will help you grow it!

What you will do: You will provide GIS technical services for a wide variety of projects. You will work on cartographic production, developing GIS datasets, maintaining and updating existing datasets, integration of data from multiple sources, and the analysis of GIS data for a variety of environmental, planning, and cultural resource applications. You will own the spatial data responsibilities for several projects and help project managers make better decisions about how to use spatial data in their project.

Requirements: Bachelor’s in environmental science, geography or related field with 4-7 years of experience working in the GIS field. You have to be able to manage data both for large multi-year projects and small 6-hour projects. Must be expert in ESRI ArGIS products, digitizing, cartographics, and spatial analysis. You should understand the value of standardized procedures and tools for getting work done. You must play well with others and be ready to dig in and get the work done. It would be great if you have used GPS units, especially for natural resource surveying. Experience or understanding of biology, natural resource science, cultural resources, or land use planning is preferred, but not required.



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  1. dylan / Dec 20 2006 11:47 am

    Hi Steve,

    sounds like a fun position. Do you have any positions on the horizon for an individual with an MS in soils and soil management?



  2. thesteve0 / Dec 20 2006 12:14 pm

    Hey Dylan:
    You know, I am not sure how much soils work we do, though 1 of our GIS peeps is a geologist by training. If you want you can send your resume and we see where it goes…

  3. arsenalist / Dec 21 2006 9:12 am

    I’ll be pursuing my GIS masters soon. I have to take a bunch of undergraduate courses first to apply.

    Hopefully its all worth it.

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