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August 28, 2006 / Steven Pousty

And since I wrestled in High School

I am going to once again get dirty with the Pig. In writing that last post where I wrote about OS, I read some more of the creating passionate users blog and came across a great post. Dmitri (and Manifold as his employer) need to read this post. I am now officially hesitant to use Manifold because of the outrageous statments and wrong information Dmitri posted in his responses. If you don’t know what you are talking about then it is better to say nothing. I am not criticizing Manifold software, since I have never used it, I am criticizing their refusal to muzzle Dmitri and to act somewhat professional on their website, which is probably written by Dmitri as well.  Even Manifold users who would like to promote the software find him and the website to be a problem.

At first I thought it was kinda funny but then reading more on the web site and his comments I started to get annoyed.

I have met people who make stuff up about all the cool things they have done in their life – and when they keep going and going your “smack talk meter” ™ starts to go off.  Dmitri and the website make so many claims without any proof to back it up. And since I can’t get a demo version there is no way for me to see how much smack is flying around so it all becomes unbelievable.

Who knows if I will use Manifold, but if I do it will be in spite of Dmitri and the web site.
By the way Doug, you receive little to no points for staying anonymous in the debate with Dmitri. It is awfully easy to criticize sitting behind an anonymous moniker.



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  1. Bill / Dec 11 2006 8:03 pm

    “And since I can’t get a demo version there is no way for me to see how much smack is flying around so it all becomes unbelievable.”

    Please; it is $245. Buy it, try it for a month and if you don’t like it then use their 30-day return policy. Until then, you’re just one more person talking about something he has never tried.

  2. thesteve0 / Dec 11 2006 9:45 pm

    I am not talking about something I never tried I am talking about the policy of a company that I disagree with. I have an idea – why don’t you buy it for me and if I don’t like it I will return it but if I keep it I will get my company to send you a $245 check.
    The whole piracy claim is lame as lame can be. I can go on with a long list of companies smaller and larger than Manifold that have demos. I am done pondering why they don’t do it. I see that Dmitri is offering to give James a free copy. I would definetly take them up on that offer. As a matter of fact why not give me a 30 day demo and then I would have already tried it.
    If $245 is so small then Manifold should put it’s money where it’s mouth is and give out the demos to build market share.
    So in the future try to be a but more careful about telling me what I am critizing…

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