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July 27, 2006 / Steven Pousty

Public Service Announcement on XMI export from Visio 2003

For those of you interested in designing your GeoDB schemas in Visio 2003, please be aware of two issues.

  1. By default the install in ArcGIS does not put the files in the right place to enable XMI export. There is a tech doc on this as this is a know issue.
  2. They do forget to mention that you need to copy the DTD, found in the same folder as the add-on, to the same location as your exported XMI. (Update: this information is documented on the data models tips  and tricks site).

I know we need to use UML here since you can even diagram Feature Class Extensions, Domains, and other “Cool Behavior ” ™, but ER diagrams are so much easier. I used to use Visio 2000 Ent for all my DB diagramming since I am a visual person by default. I have also found it easier working with clients when you show them a picture of their DB rather than just saying “well, there is a table for this and a table for that”. Relationships are much easier to visualize than describe, especially when things get complicated.


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