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July 14, 2006 / Steven Pousty

Released on his own recognizance

My blog went dark since my hosting acct expired and I never really felt like renewing. Let me just give a short but sweet update…

  1. I no longer work for ESRI, I am doing Conservation Biology now for a consulting firm. I decided I like eating sausage more than I like making it.
  2. I am still programming and using ESRI products but it will only be part of my work. The other part will be doing more of what I love in a different field. My PhD is in Ecology and I am going to get a chance to use it.
  3. If you are only interested in GIS stuff be sure to subscribe to the GIS feed because I plan on writing some GIS stuff but not only GIS stuff
  4. Since I am under new management I am going to make this more of a personal blog. I never spoke for ESRI before and I certainly do not speak AT ALL for my new employer.
  5. That being said there will be no juicy office politics aired here and I am going to try to focus on being constructive rather than just snarking. I know I am foregoing some hits but oh well.
  6. I am going to work on the theme some and the widgets so expect changes to the look and feel

With all that said I will now return to my generally unintersting posts arriving at an irregular and far-too-long-between-post frequency.



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  1. Dave Bouwman / Jul 15 2006 8:09 pm

    Welcome back Steve! I’d love to hear stuff about eating sausage, as I’m much more involved in extending the sausage.



  2. thesteve0 / Jul 17 2006 3:27 pm

    Thanks Dave – I will try to be better about posting…

  3. cowbert / Jul 24 2006 9:21 pm

    hey been looking around for you for a while. (So I guess UConn finally gave you a degree?) A friend of mine was starting to set up a GIS lab and wanted some info on arcview requirements and stuff. I’m not sure if you could help her. But now you actually have an email you check I’ll have her send to that one.

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